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Optimised consultancy based on experience and expertise. Find out more about the principles that guide our work and the directors of Citrix Consulting Limited. From planning, corporate control and crisis management to provision of management continuity - we offer comprehensive and personalised support in every challenge your company may face.

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Procedures, organisation and documentation; hazardous substances, fire risks, fire extinguishers and emergency lights; manual handling, computer users, food safety and service, expectant mothers and young people; first aid and occupational health, incidents, accidents and disease; lone workers, contractors, protective equipment and training. 

GLAA Brief 83 - Charge Rate Guidance - April 2024

Cpmpetent Safety Advisor

Yoy are required by law to have a qualified health and safety advisor if your company employees 5 or more people

Whether you think health and safety is a necessary evil or good for your business, there are legal requirements you must have to meet – and one of them is that you have someone who is your safety advisor – a competent person.

If you have more 5 or more direct employees (not including sub-contractors) you must have someone who is trained, experienced and has the health and safety knowledge to meet the requirements of the law.  However, it doesn’t mean you have to pay a salary to someone or send one of your staff on extended training to meet those qualification requirements.

You can appoint an external advisor – and that’s a service we offer.  You’ll get:

  • All your policies checked and updated if necessary
  • Any accidents or incidents logged by our specialists (just report them to us)
  • Risk management to reduce risks both to people and to prevent prosecution
  • Advice and support to ensure you are legally compliant and fulfil your duty of care
  • 24/7 helpline – phone and email advice whenever you need it

This leaves you free to get on with your business, reduces your costs and gives you competitive edge.  A big load off your mind!  In simple terms it’s our head on your block – so we ensure you don’t get things wrong.

Choose the Competent Safety Advisor package that is right for the number of employees you have:

  • Health & Safety Policy – We check your policy and update it if required.
  • Accidents – You report any accidents/incidents to us.
  • Risk management – Reduced your personal risk to prosecution.
  • Legal management – Manage your legal and moral obligations.
  • Freedom – Allows you to focus on your core business activities.
  • Competitive edge – Stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Reduce cost – Our cost-effective solution will save you time and resources.


For more information or to discuss the Competent Safety Advisor service for larger organizations please complete this form:

Competent Adviser Service*


From £375 per year - buy it now and be covered immediately.

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