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Optimised consultancy based on experience and expertise. Find out more about the principles that guide our work and the directors of Citrix Consulting Limited. From planning, corporate control and crisis management to provision of management continuity - we offer comprehensive and personalised support in every challenge your company may face.

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Procedures, organisation and documentation; hazardous substances, fire risks, fire extinguishers and emergency lights; manual handling, computer users, food safety and service, expectant mothers and young people; first aid and occupational health, incidents, accidents and disease; lone workers, contractors, protective equipment and training. 

GLAA Brief 83 - Charge Rate Guidance - April 2024

New Eligiblity Requirements for SIA ACS Approved Contractor Scheme. 

Most businesses that provide licensable individuals under a contract to supply security industry services in the United Kingdom will be eligible to join the SIA ACS Certification.

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To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be a business that supplies at least two licensable operatives, under a contract for security industry services, and
  2. in each of the sectors for which you are applying.
  3. Supply licensable individuals under a contract for security industry services. Labour providers are not eligible to seek approval to the ACS.
  4. Supply security industry services in the United Kingdom.
  5. Supply security industry services under contract. In-house security providers are not eligible to join the ACS.
  6. Hold at least one current contract for the supply of security industry services; and
  7. Have been supplying security industry services for at least 12 months at the time of application. 


If you make an application to SIA and you do not meet the above eligibility requirements, your application will not be accepted (other than in exceptional circumstances where you can demonstrate to SIA why it is in the public interest that your business should be an approved contractor). Additionally, if SIA accept your application and later determine you are not eligible to be an approved contractor, SIA  will stop assessing your application and advise you that your application is no longer accepted. Please check these requirements carefully before you apply, as the ACS application fee is non-refundable and our decision not to accept an application is final. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to apply to be an approved contractor, please contact us through your online business account to discuss your circumstances before submitting an application. 


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